Wedding Cake 11 | CNB-06702209
Wedding Cake 2 x 0.5g Pre-Rolls
Equivalent to 1g of Dried Cannabis

$12.49 / 1 g
THC: 170 − 220 mg/g    CBD: 0.1 − 10 mg/g

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THC(tetrahydrocannabinol) is a compound responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis.
CBD(cannabidiol) is a non-psychotropic compound that creates the feeling of wellness often attributed to cannabis.


Sugarbud is proud to bring Western Canada’s long tradition of exceptional select-batch craft cannabis to the most discerning of consumers. Our collection of unique strains is methodically curated to the highest standards throughout the entire growing cycle. Hand cultivated and carefully dried over 14 days, each bud is then cured through our signature process. Wedding Cake #11 is a Sugarbud exclusive cultivar, phenotyped and grown from seed from our genetic library. A complex terpene profile rich in caryophyllene, farnesene and limonene, it’s sharp and bold with a with a nose of green apple, pine and fuel with a peppery sweetness. This phenotype gratifies with its indica-leaning lineage.

Produced in: Foothills, Alberta, Canada

  • Contains: Wedding Cake 2 x 0.5g Pre-Rolls
  • Licensed Producer: Sugarbud
  • Brand: Sugarbud
  • Food Allergens (Contains): Not Applicable
  • Food Allergens (May Contain): Not Applicable
  • Extraction Process: N/A
  • Growing Method: Specialty Indoor Facility
  • Package Height: 12.7 cm
  • Package Length: 2.22 cm
  • Package Weight: 11g
  • Package Width: 2.22 cm
  • Package Volume: 62.59 cubic cm
  • Shelf Life (days): 365
  • Directions: For Inhalation


Ingredients: Cannabis

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Weight 1 g


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